Flama is cooking with fire, with embers. A technique that takes us back 1 million years, when the tribes of Homo erectus discovered that with fresh products and fire a unique aroma was achieved, which would become an even better flavor and would serve, therefore, juicy, tasty and appetizing food. A combination of technique, experience and quality product, that all together and exposed on the incandescence of the embers, the smoke and the juices of the food itself, we managed to create one of the most appreciated cuisines in the world.

Eduardo Espejo is one of those chefs who go out of their way to cook.

He was born in Xàtiva and started cooking at 18 in his hometown. Canela y Clavo and Casa la Abuela, marked his beginnings. The stoves took him to Casa Marcial (with 2 Michelin stars) and to be with Quique Barella as head chef, until he ended up in Honôo, the Japanese brasserie promoted by Ulises Menezo. A total of 8 years in Tastem Group in which he has worked with the best product and accompanied by a great team of professionals with whom he has shared his greatest passion: haute cuisine.

He does not conceive his life as a chef without being linked to this way of living and working in front of the stove. «Step by step, but without stopping».

In Flama we cook everything with firewood. A technique that we are passionate about and with which we achieve greater concentration of flavor, aroma, juiciness, color and texture. A technique that is accompanied by an authentic ritual, in which we select the wood of our grill weekly, in order to obtain a greater control of the quality of the wood. For us, the quality of the product we cook is as important as the quality of the embers.

Located in one of the most emblematic areas of Valencia, our restaurant consists of an intimate space of 17 low tables and a bar from where you can enjoy the live wood-fired cooking by our chef Eduardo Espejo. A unique opportunity to discover us up close while we delight you with our gastronomy «on fire».

A step away from the Mercado de Colón and in one of the main arteries of the city. There we are, specifically in Gran Vía Marqués del Túria 63 (corner with Conde Salvatierra).